Friday, November 23, 2012

PASTEL-licious Friday :)

the title says it all

Mint long sleeved collared top, baby pink skirt

necktie and bow necklace :) love this one! new fave

summary :)

one of my favorite put together outfits to date :)

xoxo, CHEN

Saturday, November 17, 2012

love le plains

today I went out with family and friends

check out my AM and PM outfits



for both outfits, I wore plain white tops

then added accessories to give the look some pzaaaasss!

you can never go wrong with plains...

pair 'em with accessories, cardigans, colorful shorts and voila!...

you have a great outfit :)

xoxo, CHEN

Thursday, November 15, 2012

past few dayssss

sorry for being MIA lately

been busy with work and lotsa long weekends


anyway, here are snapshots of random things during my absence

colorful pens :)

neon bracelets with ballpens

I love this necklace

my snakey ring :)

my snakeskin sandals

owl necklace :)

more updates soon :)

xoxo, CHEN

Saturday, November 3, 2012

long weekend

enjoying another long weekend

we didn't have work starting last Thursday and yesterday as well

today, I went out with my friend Iris

we had our passports renewed, treated ourselves to a footscrub, mani and pedi

and watched a movie afterwards


here are a few snapshots from today

studded leatherette cuff, safari necklace, leaf printed skirt and a smile from yours truly for the day =D

with my friend, Iris

much needed pampering for my feet

picked royal blue nail polish for my nails... happy  toesies! yey! :)

It's been great. Though I didn't leave the house for the past few days I was still able to enjoy my long weekend

the holidays gave me the chance to do chores, catch up on shows and movies on television

something that I can do during weekdays when there's work

oh how I love love love long weekends

but I dread come MONDAY because I know it'd be a busy day for sure

busy day for most tellers

reality bites! hahahaha

whatever... I still love my job :)

xoxo, CHEN

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Candy Colored Sunday

today was all about colors, colors, and mooooore colorssss :)

I can't believe I dared wearing lotsa colors at the same time

style is all about taking risks.. you'll never know it looks good until you try it :)

xoxo, CHEN

Saturday, October 27, 2012

yeay Saturday :)

went out with my friend, Iris and our friends

wore this

arm party... black, gold and white for the day

gold necklace - one of my favorites

wanted to wear heels but chose flats instead... comfortable yet still stylish ;)

cream mini dress,  gray cardigan - wore a blue slim belt to cinch both pieces of clothing 

used this safari clutch bag :)

my instagram photo :)
theme for today...

actually I couldn't think of any

just felt like being girly hahahaha

xoxo, CHEN

Friday, October 26, 2012

tshirt and jeggings FRIDAY

no work today because it's a holiday :)

but I had to attend a bank related meeting at Abreeza Mall

wore this today...

arm party for today - shapes and spikes. rarrrr!

oversized tee from DIEGO and snug fit navy blue jeggings

my instagram photo :) follow me: "atchenaaa" (ig name)

love love love loooong weekends :)