Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I shopped. Hurray for sale! :)

avail the sale! ho ho hoooo ;)
I went to SM and availed the TEN Percent off discount in the Department store if you own an SM Advantage Card

Bought all the beauty products I use. And probably won't buy again 'til the next sale comes along. haha

talk about major budgeting :)

xoxo, CHEN

Monday, July 30, 2012


one of the things on my bday wishlist just go scratched off! hahaha HELLO MIRROR :)

cheers to more mirror shots soon ;)

xoxo, CHEN

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I went out today

 what I wore: Shopaholic cropped gray jacket, long denim washed tank top, navy blue leggings and denim flats from SoleMate

bought this fringe top. I apologize for the crummy Itouch pic. hahaha

Friday, July 27, 2012

TGIF 07-27-2012

instagram photo: white polo shirt, gray vest, faux marble necklace, black arm party, bejeweled belt from People are People   

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Thursday Hunger

My Arm Candies Today. I literally wanted to eat them! They sure look like candies! yumyum!!!

Mid Morning Munchies. Hey, tellering makes one hungry even in the middle of the day ;)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

making the most of Fridays. haha.

Hey Guys! So here is another washday Friday post... one of the last few TGIF outfit posts before the "wear the new polo shirt uniform during Fridays" will be implemented like around a month from now.

Anyway, so here is what I wore last Friday...

royal blue cardigan.thrifted top.abstract printed skirt.safari necklace.

solemate black flats (but wore heels at the office. I just wore this while driving)

Then come Saturday, we had a seminar in the morning (talk about waking up early on a weekend, ugh!)
arm party from am to pm ;)

black knitted top.faded blue jeans.snakeskin sandals.black gold necklace

I opted to wear something plain with these ten year old jeans (bought it when I was in high school and yes, it still fit me! haha)that I have been looking for forever! Finally found this pair after not wearing it for over a year now.
I soooo love this pair of jeans because of the detail on the left side (my perspective). The beading is still intact even after all these years. And what's even more amazing is that I bought it on sale. So it was a great buy! and I still fit in it until now. wahahahaha!

After the seminar, my friend Iris and I went to Chinatown to buy some accessories. I ended up spending around Php 550 on these...

what I bought: 6 sets of bracelets, 3 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings

I was really happy with everything that I bought. All cheap and nice too! Can't wait to try them all out and see what outfits they could go along with.

After our shopping trip, we went to Abreeza Mall and did a little window shopping. Iris bought a dress and a few personal things while I bought BB Cream from Maybelline. I have yet to try this BB Cream since it is my first time to use the product. But I hope it would work for me. Then I met up with my sister and best friend, Katrina afterwards. Ate at Sbarro, walked around for a while and went home. WHEW!! Exhausted but had FUN :)

instagram photo :)

xoxo, CHEN

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


okay, so I just received word today at work

that our bank no longer has so-called 
"wash days" every Friday

Every Friday, we take a break from our uniforms and wear Civilian Corporate Attires

but just this afternoon, we received an email that perhaps starting next month, the head office will
be sending each of us a POLO shirt with, of course, the Bank's name and mission statement on it
(I guess the number of years plus other marketing slogans are written on it too)

I don't really know, I have not seen the design yet.

and we are to wear this polo shirt every Friday

I am actually FOR IT! I mean I love dressing up and all but every time I shop for something to wear, I always have to consider if this particular top could be worn to work, if it's allowed and stuff like that.

So I always end up buying outfits that can be used both for work and for going out... which is, after all, a very hard combination.

and with this new policy at work, I don't have to consider buying work clothes anymore.. YIPEEEE! :)

Downside: Imma miss dressing up every Friday. Imma miss looking at my closet the night before, just staring at my clothes and waiting for the light bulb to turn on and finally decide on what I should wear the next day.

Another Downside: I won't be able to post my Friday Outfits here anymore.


So the dress code every Friday's gonna be the Company Polo Shirt plus Dark Colored Jeans plus Black or Earth Tone colored shoes.

Okay, so I still have one problem... PANTS!

I mean I do have jeans but I am not exactly the slim type of girl and even a slice of bread could add loads on the bottom department.

 I need to buy new Jeans. I will try to find the perfect pair before this is implemented.

I believe we still have a month before the new dress code starts.

I better start wearing my WORK CLOTHES on Fridays while I still can. hahahaha

Hurray for Good News!

 xoxo, CHEN

Saturday, July 14, 2012

23 ^^,

starting anew.. starting it right

Happy 23rd to ME :)

I didn't get a single thing from my wishlist... yet

but I am happy...

I am indeed happy today

praying for a better year ahead :)

Friday, July 13, 2012


... and a day before my BIRTHDAY =)

So it's FRIDAY the 13th

I worked SOLO today since my partner teller got sick coz of the rain yesterday.

it was such a busy day... talk about FRIDAYS!!!

but I'm so thankful I got through it... ALIVE! hahahaha

so no bad luck here... thank Goodness!!! =)

no clients around... okay picture... smile! lol!

and what I like, and sometimes dislike, about FRIDAYS is that it's sort of our WASHDAY wherein we take a break from our RED and DARK GRAYUNIFORMS and wear something still in tuned with the Corporate settings of the office.

why I dislike it sometimes... the feeling that I don't know what to wear on those days. haha. Every girl's dilemma.

and tuh-dayyy, I chose to wear


black cardigan, Animal Print Dress from threeeightytwo, black heels, vintage axxess

the necklace, I wore that last Sunday. Talk about AXXESS REPEAT haha

anyway since it's my birthday tomorrow, I treated my officemates to TWO EXTRA LARGE PIZZAS from TIA NINA's...

happy tummies!
 oh and here are some early gifts I received

from my friend, Iris. a great ADDITION to my TELLER's CAGE =)

from my friend, BUFFY. I don't have a picture of what's inside but it's a key holder for hand bags. Perfect for my car keys =)

I Thank God for the blessings

I Thank God for this job... my tellering job...

I Thank God for everything



can't wait for tomorrow :)

xoxo, CHEN

Sunday, July 8, 2012

07-08-2012 - Happy Sunday :)

what I wore today
top: Black and White stripey from July
shorts: Shopaholic
flats: SoleMate (it only costs Php 200. whatta bargain!)
animal printed bag
 vintage faux leather big stud cuffs
layered necklace (one of my peeves)

quick outfit post. gotta go hit the sack! long day today. haha

xoxo, CHEN

Saturday, July 7, 2012


It's SATURDAY with a capital S! AND it means I don't have work today

Good thing the bank I work for, as of now, doesn't have Saturday banking yet here in our city

So I basically have my WEEKENDS off... =)

So today, being the responsible daughter that I am, I went out and ran errands. I chose to wear something comfy. No heels for me today!

this is what I wore (plssss forgive the not so nice photo. I used my itouch to take this one and the rest of the photos that I will post later on)

oversized korean top (bought online four years ago) and black skorts that were given as a gift from a friend on my birthday last year :)

oh and guess who had a simple arm party tuh-dayyyy


after running errands, I went to Chinatown (Uyanguren) for a bit. A very popular store called TOMLIZ Butingtings could be found there and it sells A LOT of affordable accessories. It's the place I go to when I'm in the mood to shop for some thrift add-ons to my everyday ensembles. There are some clients who find my accessories fancy and they ask me all the time where I buy 'em. Well that's my secret axxess haven! hahaha. I go there like twice a month. I am always on the look-out for awesome buys!

Here's a picture of some of the things I've been eye-ing on while I was there. I didn't take lotsa pictures so this is all I got

lovely, lovely bracelets!

If I brought enough money, I would have bought those and a lot more! haha. Too bad I left my atm card at home. I only brought enough cash to buy myself a new pair of shoes for work... since the one I use at the office gave up on me last week. ugh!

 I couldn't post a picture of the shoes now, but I will next time. It's just a simple black pair of sorta high heeled shoes. Really perfect for the office... and perfect for boosting my height! hahaha

Until next time... TOODLES!!!

xoxo, CHEN

Friday, July 6, 2012


It's Friday and it's raining outside. Once again, I am bored. Hahaha. What's new?! This is what I get for living so far away from DownTown where all the good stuff happens. So much for living in the booondocks! haha..

Anyhow... as mentioned in my previous post, I will continue my WISHLIST since my birthday is just around the corner ^^,


5.) Jeans - for the record, I only have two jeans and both do not exactly fit me anymore. And by that, I mean one is way toooo big for me (not because I lost weight, but because it stretched from over-usage), and the other one is too tight for me already (because... I gained weight. *frown* ) hahaha.

If I had something like this, I could definitely wear this to work! I need more work pants!


and who could forget DENIMS??? they are a staple in the closet!

6.) Footsies - LADIES, LADIES!!! Who doesn't want these?! =)

perrrrfect for casual days :)

I want all colorsss PLS!

so pretty!

now this I soooo WANT!!!!

I could definitely work one of these babies while shopping!

where I live, boots aren't really a must have because of the oh so hot weather! but I just love this pair right here! sooo cute! And I don't mind wearing boots at all! I don't care if people have a problem with it. ;)

look at the wedge! isn't it lovely??? love the color too! it's POPPIN'!

again, all colors pls! :)
7.) Blazers - because they can help turn a not so formal sleeveless dress appropriate for the work place! I just couldn't find a nice blazer here in my city and I have been searching for like forever!!! =/

I really need a black blazer like this. It could go well with any outfit regardless of color.

candy colored blazers add POP to any dull outfit. Me want THIS too!

8.) Fashion Accessories - I actually have a lot of accessories from rings to necklaces to earrings to bracelets, etc. But as the saying goes... "A girl can never have enough shoes" and that saying goes for accessories too!

arm party alert! ;o


this is my peeve! I am such an owl axxess addict :)

soooo cleopatra-ish!

9.) Longchamp bag - been wanting to get one for a long time now. But it's just too expensive for a plain bag. I still want one though. Donations are very welcome :)

safe color to hide unsightly stains ;)

10.) WORLD PEACE! - okay, I may want a lot of material things but it does not mean that I am a heartless woman! haha. I wish we could all get along and stop all the wars and just help each other out to abolish poverty, racism and other negative social issues. I'd choose this over numbers 1-9 any day of the year :)

so there you have it... my BIRTHDAY WISHLIST for this year. I know I won't get to receive even half of what's on the list but it's okay! I just want to be happy on the one special day of mine of the year :)

until next timeeeee! ciao!