Sunday, August 26, 2012

SUNDAY Lunch and Shopping :)

went out today with my friends Iris, Kurt and Lisa

ate at this resto called HUKAD

yummy yummy food!

and afterwards, Iris and I tried out Happy Lemon at GMALL

aside from Food Trippin', Iris and I went on a little shopping spree

shopping quickies at Terranova, Abreeza Mall and the Department Store of GMALL
there are a lotta nice clothes inside the Department Store and I can't believe how affordable they are
I wanted to buy a lot but I don't have that enough cash. haha
better luck next time though..
anyway, these are what I bought today
Orange Shorts, Royal Blue Top and Blue Aztec Top (GMALL); White one shoulder type and Orange Bandeau (Terranova)
VERY VERY HAPPY with my purchases. Hurray for new things! hahaha

clothes make me happy. They are my happy pills right now :)

thanks shopping buddy! haha

 this is what I wore tuhday..

polka dots sheer top, white belt, mustard shorts, royal blue flats from SOLEMATE

spent a lot today but I still had fun

until the next shopping trip :)

xoxo, CHEN

Friday, August 24, 2012

Still not yet the last Washday Fridsay after all!


our company shirts haven't arrived yet...

and I thought I was done with Washday Friday posts... hahahaha

anyway... here's what I wore today

lovin' the animal print and nature print details on this blouse

decided to wear these cream silk pants that I haven't worn for over a year now

found them hidden under a pile of clothing.. hehe

then paired it with this blouse my aunt gave me

added a belt to cinch the waist and turned it into sort of an overcoat

and now for the addtionals...

I am in LOVE with this necklace. Kinda reminds me of what the Egyptians wore ages ago... like during Cleopatra's time

goldish and vintage armdate

double headband: black thin headband with my gold chain headband.

this is the pair of earrings I wore which I took off when the photos were taken.

I've said this before and I will say it again..

Can't wait for our company shirts to arrive.

COZ I am running out of corporate attire ideas

xoxo, CHEN

Monday, August 20, 2012


 turned my Egyptian inspired shirt to a skirt

tadahhhhhhhhh =)

hurrray for my new skirt! 

can't wait to pair it with a plain top and some flat shoes

xoxo, CHEN

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Out

Batik Blouse turned Mini Dress from Indonesia, Navy Blue Leggings, my sister's wedge

faux gold bird's wing necklace
I have an aunt who lives in Indonesia and she gave me this lovely blouse made of Indonesian Batik

I just love the designs of Batiks and I totally love the design of this one

since the blouse was too big for me, I added a belt to cinch my waist, turning the over-sized blouse to a mini dress 

wore leggings underneath and borrowed my sister's shoes

to complete the outfit, I wore one of the necklaces I bought just last week

A few vacation days left. Thank you Kadayawan for all the sales hahahaha

didn't really buy much though

I actually bought a necklace but I will post it soon. 

'til next time

xoxo, CHEN

Friday, August 17, 2012

tshirt and jeans day

 no work today... WEEEE! =)

went out with my sister and dad. wore this

comfortable yet still stylish

just don't have a full body photo though

what I wore: plain white shirt, faded denims, black flats and tassel necklace

random photo post... lovin' all these chocolates from my aunt. :)

I guess this means my dreams of having a sexy body will have to wait! haha

xoxo, CHEN

Thursday, August 16, 2012

gotta love RED

safari earrings

Red long top, Black polka dotted skirt

black and gold necklace (one of my faves)

arm candies I wore today. black and gold themed.
Finally got the chance to wear this long red top after two years.

I didn't have any red dresses so good thing I found that top with my rarely used clothes inside the closet

why RED? well, it's our bank's anniversary today

and we were instructed to wear anything RED...

here are some other photos of the day

my instagram photo :)
long weekend ahead. gotta love the Holidays.


xoxo, CHEN

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Lazy Sunday

I barely recovered from the fever and colds I had the previous day

still went out. that's how hard-headed I am! hahahaha

anyway, this is what I wore today. too lazy to put on something girlalooshy


went for an oversized leaf-detailed shirt, navy blue leggings, denim flats

did a little pre-kadayawan shopping

bought four necklaces today. (they were on sale 10% off)

and I bought this thing that has a lotta squares... I don't know what it is called. Used it to organize all my necklaces and some of my bracelets. Here's the finished product

TA - DAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

that's not even half of all the necklaces I own. I still have to find the others.

I really have to be organized so that I don't lose things. ugh!

Excited for kadayawan and all the SALES in the city =)

xoxo, CHEN

Friday, August 10, 2012

Last FRIDAY WASHDAY ( I think? ... )

Extra Excited for our upcoming Company Polo shirts

to be worn during Fridays

no more WashDay Fridays

I mean don't get me wrong.. I love dressing up on Fridays but I am sometimes too lazy to pick an outfit to wear during those days

the polo shirts would make Fridays so much easier for me... COZ I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE but to wear it!! haha!

anyway, here is what I wore today...

this pair of black earrings is heavy to wear. I still like 'em anyway
adding a pop of color to my outfit today

I am addicted to owl accessories. one of my peeves!
wearing flats today. not in the mood to wear heels.

zigzag top, floral denim skirt

 I guess no more Friday Washday posts from here on...

hey, let's not forget weekends! :)

xoxo, CHEN