Sunday, September 2, 2012

My SUNDAY Adventure

My friends, Iris, Mark and I went on a roadtrip to BUDA (Davao-Bukidnon) today

the duo fetched me almost six o' clock in the morning and we arrived there after an hour or so

here are snapshots of our fun trip :)

Mark, Iris and I :)

we just had to take a "hey, we're sitting on BUDA road" shot haha

wtf... what the fog!!!

I sooo love this shot
 we ate breakfast (and also our lunch) at SEAGULL Resort...


brekky: suman with chocolate. yum yum!

my all time favorite: BACON :) mmmmm...

my lunch: chicken bbq...
at SEAGULL Resort...

a shuttle took us to the waterfalls of the place. there was a pool too but it was too cold to go for a swim. we didn't feel like swimming at all.

so we just enjoyed the view of the waterfalls. so beautiful!

we are lovin' the waterfalls at the resort.

then the three of us wanted to see the famous EPOL FALLS

now the tricky part before getting there was we had to trek for like 45 minutes (downhill) before reaching the place

it was sooo muddy!!!

after reaching this sign, we thought we were already there. WRONG! 80 more meters to go (according to the guy who lives there)
after a very muddy, tiring and strenuous trek..


so pretty! finally saw it in person.

now going downhill was extremely hard, and we thought going back up would be even harder

but surprisingly, going up wasn't as bad as what we experienced while going to EPOL falls

we reached the parking lot after 15 minutes only. guess we had the adrenaline rush that time because we really wanted to go home since it started to rain already. dang!

nevertheless, trekking was worth it. the falls are soooo beautiful. and as an added bonus, it was as if we worked out at a gym. CARDIO BAYBEH!!! hahahaha

as expected, BUDA was indeed COLD.. with the fog plus weather and all

good thing I wore this today

Gray Shopaholic Jacket, Long White Top, Hot Pink Scarf, Navy Blue Leggings (favorite), and skull slip-ons
I sooo love my slip-ons. I've had this pair for more than two years now and I bought it for only Php 200 pesos.

I didn't think it would last this long since I bought it so cheap! hahaha

but it's the shoes I wear when I feel like talking long walks, sometimes jogging, even played frisbee using it, and today, used it for trekking.

and the navy blue leggings... wear them all the time!

comfortable yet stylish :) and today, it kept my legs from getting cold jitters from the BUDA weather haha

the hot pink scarf, aside from its purpose during the cold weather, added a pop of color to my dull outfit for the day. hahahaha

SUPER ENJOYED this experience with my friends

until my next adventure

xoxo, CHEN

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