Friday, July 6, 2012


It's Friday and it's raining outside. Once again, I am bored. Hahaha. What's new?! This is what I get for living so far away from DownTown where all the good stuff happens. So much for living in the booondocks! haha..

Anyhow... as mentioned in my previous post, I will continue my WISHLIST since my birthday is just around the corner ^^,


5.) Jeans - for the record, I only have two jeans and both do not exactly fit me anymore. And by that, I mean one is way toooo big for me (not because I lost weight, but because it stretched from over-usage), and the other one is too tight for me already (because... I gained weight. *frown* ) hahaha.

If I had something like this, I could definitely wear this to work! I need more work pants!


and who could forget DENIMS??? they are a staple in the closet!

6.) Footsies - LADIES, LADIES!!! Who doesn't want these?! =)

perrrrfect for casual days :)

I want all colorsss PLS!

so pretty!

now this I soooo WANT!!!!

I could definitely work one of these babies while shopping!

where I live, boots aren't really a must have because of the oh so hot weather! but I just love this pair right here! sooo cute! And I don't mind wearing boots at all! I don't care if people have a problem with it. ;)

look at the wedge! isn't it lovely??? love the color too! it's POPPIN'!

again, all colors pls! :)
7.) Blazers - because they can help turn a not so formal sleeveless dress appropriate for the work place! I just couldn't find a nice blazer here in my city and I have been searching for like forever!!! =/

I really need a black blazer like this. It could go well with any outfit regardless of color.

candy colored blazers add POP to any dull outfit. Me want THIS too!

8.) Fashion Accessories - I actually have a lot of accessories from rings to necklaces to earrings to bracelets, etc. But as the saying goes... "A girl can never have enough shoes" and that saying goes for accessories too!

arm party alert! ;o


this is my peeve! I am such an owl axxess addict :)

soooo cleopatra-ish!

9.) Longchamp bag - been wanting to get one for a long time now. But it's just too expensive for a plain bag. I still want one though. Donations are very welcome :)

safe color to hide unsightly stains ;)

10.) WORLD PEACE! - okay, I may want a lot of material things but it does not mean that I am a heartless woman! haha. I wish we could all get along and stop all the wars and just help each other out to abolish poverty, racism and other negative social issues. I'd choose this over numbers 1-9 any day of the year :)

so there you have it... my BIRTHDAY WISHLIST for this year. I know I won't get to receive even half of what's on the list but it's okay! I just want to be happy on the one special day of mine of the year :)

until next timeeeee! ciao!


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