Thursday, July 5, 2012


It's a rainy Thursday night here in Davao and I just got home from the office 
an hour ago --- I am sooo bored

So I'm sitting on the couch watching the evening news and suddenly BOOM!!!... it hit me... 9 days to go 'til my 23rd birthday!!!

Am I excited? Errr... not really. I don't have plans on having a sorta kinda big celebration this year. I was thinking of treating my office mates (since I basically spend 9 of my waking hours every working day with them and hence, they are considered my second family) the day before my birthday - since my birthday is on a Saturday, and I'll just spend my birthday with my family. Quality time at it's finest on my day :) 

I was thinking of ordering two huge pizzas for my office mates. I think two extra large pizzas are enough to feed all TEN of us. And I already ordered a chocolate moist cake this afternoon (super advanced, huh?) for dessert.

As for the family lunch slash dinner... I still don't know where to treat them. I have a list of buffets I wanna try but my family is not a huge fan of buffets. We're not really what you call BIG eaters so eating at buffets won't give us the most value for our money. I'm sure I'll think of a place next week. ;)

And if birthdays are the topic, another word comes along with it... GIFTS! hahaha

I have loads of things I wanna get for my birthday. So since I am bored I might as well post my WISHLIST... even if nobody gets to see it. hahaha I don't care I am just bored :)

1.) IPAD 3 - who doesn't want this??? hahahahaha. Between the white and the black, I'd choose the BLACK IPAD 3. It's pretty big but it's really useful and it can be carried everywhere. Too bad I couldn't afford one. But it's okay. Maybe someday =)

2.) BIG MIRROR for my room - a girl's substitute best friend that can help with the daily outfit decisions, of course! I was thinking of getting a 2x4 (ft) mirror mounted on my wall. I'm still asking different glass makers for their price quotations on the size plus delivery to my house and the installment too. This is a sure one. I might just have this by next week (fingers crossed!)

 3.) Mullet Skirt - also known as "waterfall skirt" is a must have inside my closet!!!! and it's sooo cute!!! I sooo wanna wear one of these!!!

4.) AZTEC printed shorts and skirts - because these prints are sooo IN right now :) I am in love with the print!

these shoes are cute too! LOL! :)

OKAY!!! So it's like SUPER BED WEATHER right now and my bed is calling me already. Imma continue my wishlist next time. And this is not even have of what I want! hahahaha..


xoxo, CHEN

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