Saturday, July 7, 2012


It's SATURDAY with a capital S! AND it means I don't have work today

Good thing the bank I work for, as of now, doesn't have Saturday banking yet here in our city

So I basically have my WEEKENDS off... =)

So today, being the responsible daughter that I am, I went out and ran errands. I chose to wear something comfy. No heels for me today!

this is what I wore (plssss forgive the not so nice photo. I used my itouch to take this one and the rest of the photos that I will post later on)

oversized korean top (bought online four years ago) and black skorts that were given as a gift from a friend on my birthday last year :)

oh and guess who had a simple arm party tuh-dayyyy


after running errands, I went to Chinatown (Uyanguren) for a bit. A very popular store called TOMLIZ Butingtings could be found there and it sells A LOT of affordable accessories. It's the place I go to when I'm in the mood to shop for some thrift add-ons to my everyday ensembles. There are some clients who find my accessories fancy and they ask me all the time where I buy 'em. Well that's my secret axxess haven! hahaha. I go there like twice a month. I am always on the look-out for awesome buys!

Here's a picture of some of the things I've been eye-ing on while I was there. I didn't take lotsa pictures so this is all I got

lovely, lovely bracelets!

If I brought enough money, I would have bought those and a lot more! haha. Too bad I left my atm card at home. I only brought enough cash to buy myself a new pair of shoes for work... since the one I use at the office gave up on me last week. ugh!

 I couldn't post a picture of the shoes now, but I will next time. It's just a simple black pair of sorta high heeled shoes. Really perfect for the office... and perfect for boosting my height! hahaha

Until next time... TOODLES!!!

xoxo, CHEN

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