Friday, July 13, 2012


... and a day before my BIRTHDAY =)

So it's FRIDAY the 13th

I worked SOLO today since my partner teller got sick coz of the rain yesterday.

it was such a busy day... talk about FRIDAYS!!!

but I'm so thankful I got through it... ALIVE! hahahaha

so no bad luck here... thank Goodness!!! =)

no clients around... okay picture... smile! lol!

and what I like, and sometimes dislike, about FRIDAYS is that it's sort of our WASHDAY wherein we take a break from our RED and DARK GRAYUNIFORMS and wear something still in tuned with the Corporate settings of the office.

why I dislike it sometimes... the feeling that I don't know what to wear on those days. haha. Every girl's dilemma.

and tuh-dayyy, I chose to wear


black cardigan, Animal Print Dress from threeeightytwo, black heels, vintage axxess

the necklace, I wore that last Sunday. Talk about AXXESS REPEAT haha

anyway since it's my birthday tomorrow, I treated my officemates to TWO EXTRA LARGE PIZZAS from TIA NINA's...

happy tummies!
 oh and here are some early gifts I received

from my friend, Iris. a great ADDITION to my TELLER's CAGE =)

from my friend, BUFFY. I don't have a picture of what's inside but it's a key holder for hand bags. Perfect for my car keys =)

I Thank God for the blessings

I Thank God for this job... my tellering job...

I Thank God for everything



can't wait for tomorrow :)

xoxo, CHEN

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