Wednesday, July 18, 2012


okay, so I just received word today at work

that our bank no longer has so-called 
"wash days" every Friday

Every Friday, we take a break from our uniforms and wear Civilian Corporate Attires

but just this afternoon, we received an email that perhaps starting next month, the head office will
be sending each of us a POLO shirt with, of course, the Bank's name and mission statement on it
(I guess the number of years plus other marketing slogans are written on it too)

I don't really know, I have not seen the design yet.

and we are to wear this polo shirt every Friday

I am actually FOR IT! I mean I love dressing up and all but every time I shop for something to wear, I always have to consider if this particular top could be worn to work, if it's allowed and stuff like that.

So I always end up buying outfits that can be used both for work and for going out... which is, after all, a very hard combination.

and with this new policy at work, I don't have to consider buying work clothes anymore.. YIPEEEE! :)

Downside: Imma miss dressing up every Friday. Imma miss looking at my closet the night before, just staring at my clothes and waiting for the light bulb to turn on and finally decide on what I should wear the next day.

Another Downside: I won't be able to post my Friday Outfits here anymore.


So the dress code every Friday's gonna be the Company Polo Shirt plus Dark Colored Jeans plus Black or Earth Tone colored shoes.

Okay, so I still have one problem... PANTS!

I mean I do have jeans but I am not exactly the slim type of girl and even a slice of bread could add loads on the bottom department.

 I need to buy new Jeans. I will try to find the perfect pair before this is implemented.

I believe we still have a month before the new dress code starts.

I better start wearing my WORK CLOTHES on Fridays while I still can. hahahaha

Hurray for Good News!

 xoxo, CHEN

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