Friday, August 10, 2012

Last FRIDAY WASHDAY ( I think? ... )

Extra Excited for our upcoming Company Polo shirts

to be worn during Fridays

no more WashDay Fridays

I mean don't get me wrong.. I love dressing up on Fridays but I am sometimes too lazy to pick an outfit to wear during those days

the polo shirts would make Fridays so much easier for me... COZ I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE but to wear it!! haha!

anyway, here is what I wore today...

this pair of black earrings is heavy to wear. I still like 'em anyway
adding a pop of color to my outfit today

I am addicted to owl accessories. one of my peeves!
wearing flats today. not in the mood to wear heels.

zigzag top, floral denim skirt

 I guess no more Friday Washday posts from here on...

hey, let's not forget weekends! :)

xoxo, CHEN

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