Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Lazy Sunday

I barely recovered from the fever and colds I had the previous day

still went out. that's how hard-headed I am! hahahaha

anyway, this is what I wore today. too lazy to put on something girlalooshy


went for an oversized leaf-detailed shirt, navy blue leggings, denim flats

did a little pre-kadayawan shopping

bought four necklaces today. (they were on sale 10% off)

and I bought this thing that has a lotta squares... I don't know what it is called. Used it to organize all my necklaces and some of my bracelets. Here's the finished product

TA - DAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

that's not even half of all the necklaces I own. I still have to find the others.

I really have to be organized so that I don't lose things. ugh!

Excited for kadayawan and all the SALES in the city =)

xoxo, CHEN

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